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Meet Devi Daly

Hi, I'm Devi. I help people find rest, recovery and healing through Yin Yoga. 

Twenty years ago I was an addict with depression and chronic pain. I turned to yoga for healing, but instead it increased my stress and insecurity because of alignment rules that were designed for very different bodies than mine.

​I almost quit until I discovered the intuitive practice of Yin Yoga. I learned to follow my instincts to connect with a deep well of inner resources for healing and transformation. Now at 47, I’m devoted to sharing this approach and helping others.

I've had extensive training and hands-on experience with yin. I've taught tens of thousands of students at yoga studios, I owned my own studio for 10 years, and I've been leading yin yoga teacher trainings since 2013.

I now teach from my online yoga studio where I'm passionate about sharing the gifts that yoga has given me with other yogis all over the world.

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